Motivating the world by sharing stories of people who strive to better themselves every day.

Progressively Getting Better is a lifestyle clothing brand for those pursuing personal transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. Our motivational activewear is for people who want motivation they can wear and share.

PGB Motivation

The PGB Logo

Our logo symbolizes the overall growth of your personal power and is a constant reminder that you are Progressively Getting Better on your journey.

The PGB Mantra

The motivational message “Progressively Getting Better” is a constant reminder to better yourself everyday by enhancing your personal power and unlocking your inner greatness.

Vision Statement

To create a socially conscious global community that transforms lives through motivation and innovation.

Mission Statement

To help people achieve a constant state of motivation to pursue personal transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

Woman jumping up in a running pose wearing gray PGB Fit motivational T-shirt with gray fitness leggings with the PGB Fit logo that says, "Get Better"

Core Values

We're not a motivational quote. We're a movement.

Social Consciousness

Using social interactions to motivate, inform, and cultivate productive experiences to empower society.

Authentic Leadership

Using life lessons and meaningful experiences as an instrument of motivation to create a more open, honest, and ethical atmosphere.

Health & Wellness

Using mindful resources to build positive & productive lifestyle choices while encouraging others to do the same.

PGB Team

Portrait photograph of PGB Fit Founder and Creative Director, Imani Lee

Imani Lee

Founder & Creative Director

Portrait photograph of PGB Fit Communications Officer Zebrina E. Maloy

Zebrina E. Maloy

Communications Officer

Emma Wolgast

Social Media Coordinator 

How It All Began:

Growing up as an athlete, I wanted a simple, powerful, and constant reminder that could describe the way I felt about my personal transformation journey. In 2013, the motivational message “Progressively Getting Better” emerged from a burning desire to help everyone achieve a constant state of motivation, in order to empower their mind, body, and spirit. What started off as a personal mantra is becoming a motivational movement. Now, I’m honored to help people discover, embody, and express their everyday motivation, challenges, achievements, and opportunities that will constantly motivate themselves and the world to get better.

- Imani Lee, Founder of Progressively Getting Better